A Licensed Dog Sellers

Licensed Sellers

Why buy from a licenced and inspected dog seller?

The only way to legally buy a cropped and docked Doberman puppy in the UK is to make your purchase through a business that holds a Government issued Pet Shop Licence. Licenced Pet Shops in England and Wales are subject to a myriad of conditions that cover everything from where the animals have come from, the care they receive whilst at the licenced premises, the level of human interaction they enjoy, the length of time the animals must stay at the premises before they can go to their new homes and much, much more.

Further details regarding the laws about Pet Shop Licences in the UK can be found here.

We are fully licenced

Elite Dobermans UK are proud to be the only fully licenced and inspected business in the UK dedicated to the sale of cropped and docked European Dobermans. We have demonstrated that we are able to meet strict criteria relating to the care our puppies receive and the service levels our customers enjoy. An exhaustive list of the conditions Elite Dobermans UK have met can be found here.
As a customer of Elite Dobermans UK, you can be confident that your puppy will:
  • Come from an FCI accredited breeding kennel where the conditions our puppies are born and raised in are closely monitored
  • Be legally imported into the UK with all of the relevant paperwork and vaccinations
  • Be 100% legal to own in the UK
  • Have been checked by a licenced veterinarian for good health and be accompanied by a veterinarian issued health certificate as evidence of this
  • Have been kept in an environment suitable to his or her needs
  • Have been fed an approved nutritionally balanced diet
  • Be properly socialised

We understand that you want a gorgeous healthy puppy that looks and behaves how a Doberman should. It is however, equally important that the puppy you choose has been legally imported and sold to you.

That is why Elite Dobermanns UK are the only people to visit for your pedigree Doberman Pinscher.