Pedigree Certificate


Understanding your puppy's pedigree certificate.

Puppies supplied by Elite Dobermans UK are all accompanied by a full 5th generation pedigree certificate issued by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (the FCI). The aims of the F.C.I. are to encourage and promote breeding and use of purebred dogs whose functional health and physical features meet the standard set for each respective breed and which are capable of working and accomplishing functions in accordance with the specific characteristics of their breed; to protect the use, keeping and breeding of dogs in the member countries; to support free exchange of dogs and cytological information between member countries and initiate the organization of exhibitions and tests.

Our FCI registered dogs are purebred pedigrees and considered to be amongst the best in the world in terms of conformation to the breed standard. By owning a UK Dobermans supplied puppy and the associated pedigree certificate, you are able to trace the blood-lines and verify the number of show and working titled dogs in your puppy’s lineage.

Should you wish to register your puppy with the Kennel Club, Elite Dobermans UK are able to supply additional Export pedigrees on request.