Puppy Health and Pedigree

Puppy Health

Stringent health checks for puppies and their parents

We value the health and wellbeing of every puppy we supply above all else. We understand that when choosing a puppy, you expect him to be of excellent health and condition – this all starts with the selective breeding process the kennels we work with utilise. Puppies are bred for health and conformation to the FCI international breed standard with negative and undesired traits eliminated. Our puppies come from the very best bloodlines in Europe – giving you the surest indication of optimal health now and in the future.

Elite Dobermanns UK only import puppies that come from parents that been subject to the following stringent health tests, we take every possible precaution when selecting puppies thereby giving you the best examples of the breed. 

Health tests undertaken on every parent:
  • Brucella canis
  • Cardio
  • Cataracts
  • Hypoplactia
  • vWVD
  • Hips
  • Eyes
  • Doppler

In addition the puppies we supply are wormed and vaccinated against the following:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvo virus

At Elite Dobermanns UK winning matters, that’s why every puppy we import has parents with multiple award wins. From the standard IDC show group and BH test up to IPO and the notoriously difficult ZTP 3 the European kennels we work with have won them all. The puppies we provide are born to win – it’s in their blood.

We only provide puppies from work and show winning combinations – this helps us ensure that the puppy you take home will grow into a dog that not only looks how Herr Dobermann intended, they also behave in line with the breed standard; Loyal, Alert, Brave and Obedient.

Please see below for a list of the titles our combinations hold. The parents of your puppy will hold many of these or similar working and show titles:

Winning Matters

Working titles
  • BH – Basic obedience and traffic sureness
  • SCH 1 – The first level of Schutzhund – protection work
  • SCH 2 – Intermediate Schutzhund
  • SCH 3 – The highest level of Schutzhund
  • ZTP V 1A – Suitability for breeding test, 1st level
  • ZTP V 2A – Suitability for breeding test 2nd level
  • IPO 1 – Similar to Schutzhund under international rules
  • IPO 2 – Similar to Schutzhund under international rules
  • IPO 3 – Similar to Schutzhund under international rules
Show titles
  • Young world winner
  • Young world club show winner
  • AIAD young winner
  • Caliandro young winner
  • Caliandro winner
  • CACIB winner
  • DCR winner
  • IDC winner
  • IDC runner up
  • IDC best of breed
  • IDC best of group
  • Sarajevo winner
  • Junior champion of Russia
  • Junior champion of Serbia
  • Junior champion of Romania
  • Junior champion if Hungary
  • Junior champion of Bulgaria
  • Champion of Russia
  • Champion of Serbia
  • Champion of Romania
  • Champion of Hungary
  • Champion of Hungary
  • Junior world winner
  • World winner