Why not to choose an unlicensed seller

Unlicensed Sellers

The problems with unlicensed sellers

The law on importing dogs into the UK for commercial purposes is very clear and failure to observe the relevant procedures and hold the appropriate licences is a criminal offence. For example, dogs must be fully vaccinated and imported through the Trade Control and Export System (TRACES). Dogs must be accompanied by a valid Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC) and are only to be sold by licensed pet shops whose licences entitle them to sell the specific breed of dog as set out within the terms of their licence. The full legislation for the movement and sale of animals is governed by the Pet Animals Act 1951, the full details of which can be found here.

We are fully licenced

Elite Dobermans UK are proud to be the only fully licenced and inspected business in the UK dedicated to the sale of cropped and docked European Dobermans. We have demonstrated that we are able to meet strict criteria relating to the care our puppies receive and the service levels our customers enjoy. An exhaustive list of the conditions Elite Dobermans UK have met can be found here.
As a customer of UK Dobermans, you can be confident that your puppy will:
  • To prevent the spread of non – native diseases into the UK
  • To provide traceability of origin should an outbreak of disease occur
  • To ensure the welfare needs of animals are met during transport and whilst under vendors care
  • To protect animals against neglect and cruelty
  • To protect consumers against buying sick or banned animals

The Dogs Trust recently conducted an investigation into the illegal importation and sale of puppies in England the full details of which can be found here.

We also advise you to watch the video below for an example of the abuses that frequently occur as a direct consequence of buying from unlicensed sellers:

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Many people are enticed by the low prices these illegal sellers advertise at – indeed we were amazed when we saw them advertised for as little as £1300. The reality however, is that a pure bred cropped and docked Doberman puppy purchased directly from a respected Romanian or Hungarian kennels costs over £1700. That is before you take into account the veterinarian fees, importation, transportation and care cost of the puppy that Elite Dobermans UK meet.

If you want a cheap Doberman from questionable lineage with fake papers that has been illegally imported through the pet travel scheme that may be seized as soon as you visit your vet, then look elsewhere as Elite Dobermans UK is not the place to come. On the other hand, should wish to have a true lifelong companion provided by the UK’s only dedicated licensed seller then we would love to meet you!